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Ro-Man Custom
You can have your marker custom milled and powder coated at the same shop.

Powder Coating has been around for many years and is the perfect, low cost coating for paintball markers. When compared with anodizing, the costs associated with powder coating are much, much less, but you end up with a very hard, durable finish that will withstand any type of chemical attack or weather conditions.

Anodizing traps dye into the micro pores of the aluminum and creates a controled aluminum oxide layer on the surface that gives it its cosmetic appeal and hardness. There are several types of anodizing including decorative and hard anodizing. Primarily decorative anodizing is used in paintball applications and leaves a very thin oxide layer which is pretty easy to scratch and damage.

About Powder Coating
Powder coating uses a very fine powder that is applied to a raw material using static electricity to charge the powder. The part which will be powder coated is grounded so the charged powder particles are attracted to the surface.

The part is then heated to 450F to melt the powder on the surface. The when the powder is baked, it melts and flows over the surface in an even manner. The powder creates a thermoset polymer that is very hard and very smooth. Typically the coatings are only a couple of thousandths thick. Multiple colors can be applied over one another to create fades and to blend colors.

When the coating has cured and the part has returned to ambient temperature, it can be treated to acheive a "dust effect" as seen with many anodizing jobs on the market now.


Most markers will be coated for 50 dollars, which includes four parts with one color.

10 dollars per each additional part

10 dollars per additional color, regardless of the number of parts

10 dollars for prizim effect powder per color used, best used with dark colors only

Parts can include barrels, frames, bodies, blocks, duck bills, drop forwards, regs, etc as long as the parts are metal. No tanks or plastic parts.


Price is based on actual time milling, e-mail for quotes. Most Cocker milling pattterns will be around 60 to 100 dollars. Depends on time required to mill pattern.


Gloss White, Bright Yellow, Safty Yellow, Orange Yellow, Chevy Orange, Vermillion, Bright Red, Ruby Red, MG Maroon, Dark Purple, Light Magenta, Light Purple, Ford Light Blue, Navy Blue, Ford Dark Blue, Aqua, Teal, Lime Green, Medium Green, Dark Green, Machine Gray, Semi-Gloss Black, High Gloss Black, Mirror Black, Black Tint, Cast Aluminum, Stamped Steel, Cast Iron, Silver, Gold, Bronze, Chrome Smoke, Translucent Gold, Translucent Orange, Anodize Red, Translucent Magenta, Translucent Grape, Translucent Violet, Anodize Blue, Translucent Teal, Translucent Green, Almost Chrome, Grape Flake, Flouresent Yellow, Flourecent Green, Flourescent Orange, Flourescent Pink, and a Prizim Additive to any dark color. Please see below link for additional colors as my supplier continually adds new colors.

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