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Ro-Man Custom Paintball Marker Photos
Here you will see some of the markers that were milled and powder coated by Ro-Man Custom. All work is based on customers requirements and requests.

4 Color Fade on Custom Milled Autococker

White powder coat on Custom Milled Autococker

Blue to Silver to White Vertical Feed Cocker

4 Color fade on Custom Milled Right Feed Autococker

Green to Blue to Green 02' Vert Cocker w/ Lots of Chrome

Black and Gold 00' Cocker

1st White Angel LED SE

Multi Color Fading on Milled Right Feed Cocker

Red Vert 02' Cocker

Milled Ohio State Buckeye Cocker, Scarlet and Grey

Orange Right Feed 01' Cocker Milled like Mark II

Red to Back Fade Anodized Dye Angel

Milled Red to White Fade Right Feed Mini-Cocker Body

Red Right Feed Cocker like Mark II

Blue to Chrome Fade RT Mag

Red and Silver Spyder Body, Red has Prizim Effect Powder Added

Milled Dark Red Fade to Translucent Red Autococker

Dust Blue to Silver to White Fade Bushy (powder coated)

Silver Vein Tippmann 98

White to Yellow to Blue fade Tippy 98

Black-Green-Chrome Mag W/Green Flames

White and Black Speckle Tippy Pro-Lite

Vert Feed Cocker, Textured with Moss Green Web

Black-Green-Chrome Mag with Green Flames

Gold to Navy Fade Tippman SL-68 II

Gold to Black Raptor Body

Anodize Blue Tippy 98 Custom


Ro-Man Custom